41+ Fun, Easy Ways for How to Make Money at a Young Age (With Videos!)

Making money has never been easier for high schoolers and college students. If you have ever wondered how to make money at a young age…well, we’ve got some great news for you!

41+ Fun, Easy Ways for How to Make Money at a Young Age [Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels]
41+ Fun, Easy Ways for How to Make Money at a Young Age [Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels]

To put it simply, the times have changed, and there are plenty of ways you can easily make money without going through the tiresome process of applying to every restaurant and retail place in the area.

This list is going to give you a whole lot of ideas, so feel free to scroll around and see which one inspires you to start earning up, saving up, and getting out into the working world!

1. Tutoring and Homework Help

Tutoring and Homework Help [Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels]
Tutoring and Homework Help [Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels]

Tutoring is something almost everyone tries at some point to earn a couple extra dollars.

Good at math, writing, or art?

Teaching someone who struggles in a subject you’re good at is one of the most fulfilling ways to make some extra side cash. 

2. Babysitting

Babysitting [Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels]
Babysitting [Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels]

If you have younger brothers or sisters, you’ve probably already done this for free so mom and dad can go on a quick date night.

Take that experience and use it to start your own babysitting business!

Your parents’ friends, your teachers, and pretty much every other adult with kids is looking for babysitters. 

Depending on where you live, they could pay something close to $100 just for one night!

Watching movies and playing PS5 with a couple of 10 year olds for a night for $100 doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal to us!

3. Give Out Rides

Uber and Lyft [Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels]
Uber and Lyft [Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels]

If you have a car and you’re a good driver, that’s all you really need to make some money.

Plenty of people (even adults) have started working with Uber or Lyft to make some extra money, simply by giving people rides around the area!

To the airport, from the airport, back to the house when they forgot the passport they need at the airport… You get the idea.

Even if you don’t want to go through all the extra stuff with working for Uber or Lyft…

You can still give rides to your college buddies, and have them spread the word to the Freshmen on campus who may not have a car.

4. Dog Sitting / Cat Sitting / Pet Sitting

Dog Walker [Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels]
Dog Walker [Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels]

Are you a great caregiver? Just, you know, not so much for humans?

If you have a dog at home, then you probably already know everything you need for a fulfilling side-hustle in dog sitting!

Dog owners will usually pay almost as much for someone to watch their dog as they would watch their kids (it’s true!), and you don’t even have to worry about tucking them into bed.

The worst part of this will be the poop you’ll probably have to clean up, but it’s all worth it when you can give a sweet puppy some treats and ear scratches.

5. Teach An Instrument

Piano Lessons [Photo by Any Lane from Pexels]
Piano Lessons [Photo by Any Lane from Pexels]

Looks like all those piano lessons when you were three are going to finally pay off for real now. Even if you’re a guitarist, drummer, oboist, or whatever else, people want to learn your instrument! 

Much like tutoring a subject you love, seeing someone learn an instrument that you’ve mastered is one of the most fulfilling ways you can earn money and become even better at your craft.

6. Water/Lemonade Stand

Easy Lemonade Stand [Photo by Julia Zolotova from Pexels]
Easy Lemonade Stand [Photo by Julia Zolotova from Pexels]

Now I know what you’re thinking, “A lemonade stand? What is this, the 1950s?”

Listen, I see full grown adults doing this on hot days at city intersections, and they make bank.

If you go through the effort of making a nice sign and selling your drinks at a good price, people driving by or walking their dogs will gladly grab a quick water or homemade lemonade on their way. 

Those $1 cups of lemonade add up quickly after you sell 20+ or more!

7. Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube Makeup Tutorials Video Channel [Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels]
YouTube Makeup Tutorials Video Channel [Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels]

Surely you’ve already thought of this yourself, don’t lie to me, I know you have. Becoming a professional YouTuber has become not just one of the hottest jobs for young people, but just people in general.

It’s tough at first, sure. Even if you have a good idea for a channel, getting it to take off is a real entrepreneurial effort. It will 100% require some “sweat equity” and maybe even a tiny bit of “luck” (which is really just being prepared when the right moment comes along!).

That said, if you run a successful YouTube channel as a teenager, that could easily become your full-time job.

There are plenty of incredible success stories of content creators becoming nothing short of rich through nothing more than YouTube or Twitch.

8. Shovel Snow From Driveways & Crosswalks

Snow Shovel Snowman in Winter [Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels]
Snow Shovel Snowman in Winter [Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels]

This one is an absolute classic. It’s also something your parents probably gave you $5 for doing it when you were 10 years old. 

It’s hard work, yes, but…

If you’re one of those people that loves to get out there and sweat a little bit, you can make crazy money doing this. 

You could work all day and come home with hundreds of dollars in your pocket (and a good workout, to boot!).

9. Personal Training

Personal Trainer at the Gym Lifting Weights [Photo from Pixabay and Pexels]
Personal Trainer at the Gym Lifting Weights [Photo by Pixabay from Pexels]

They say your peak physical form is always when you’re in your late teens and early 20s. If you play sports or if you’re just a workout fiend, try out becoming a personal trainer. 

This is a job where you could get hired simply because you played a bunch of sports and you know a lot about stretches and lifting! 

Personal trainers are almost always young people and, if you grow to really like it, this is another job that can become a full time job later on.

10. Dog Walking

Dog Walker with Lots of Dogs on Leashes [Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels]
Dog Walker with Lots of Dogs on Leashes [Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels]

This goes along the same line as dog sitting but takes away the weird part about being in someone else’s house for a whole day. 

When people get old, they can’t get around like they used to and that dog walking chore becomes a lot more difficult for them to do. 

Elderly people often have plenty of money laying around, but not always enough energy to walk their pets. And if they don’t have a yard their dog can run around in, things get even harder.

That’s where you can step right in and take a leisurely stroll around the block. For $10+ per person (or, um, per dog).

11. Do Yard Work

Lawn Mower in Yard Cutting Grass [Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels]
Lawn Mower in Yard Cutting Grass [Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels]

Doing yard work is such a common job that people do it’s honestly highly competitive even at the professional level. 

Now, you might be thinking, “Well, if people have a hard time finding jobs even at a professional level, who is ever going to hire me?”

One solution: Just charge less and reach out to people nearby. Your lower rate combined with the personal touch might just be enough to get you gigs the big guys can’t snag.

Truth be told, the hardest part about this is standing out in the hot sun working with some fairly dangerous tools.

Even so, all you really need is your parents’ lawnmower and weed-eater combo. With just those two tools, you have a great chance to make money easily doing yard work.

12. Referee Sports Games

This one is for all the athletes out there that know their sport (or sports!) inside and out.

If you’ve got high school football, softball, soccer, or volleyball experience (and countless other sports), you can make money refereeing little league or peewee games. 

What’s more, this can definitely be the start to a career in sports, if you don’t make it to the big leagues yourself. (Refs actually make really good money.)

Once you have some referee experience under your belt, those little league games become high school games, then college, and then all of a sudden you have a long term career on your hands!

13. Wash Cars

Washing Cars [Image Credit: Brad Starkey]

Another classic way that teens and college kids have been making money since forever ago: car washing.

Washing your car is another one of those chores that busy people struggle with. They are extremely willing to hire someone else to do for them.

Also, car washing can actually be really fun. You get to enjoy the sun and can always cool yourself off with the water you’re using to wash the car. 

Not to mention, if you’re into cars, you might even get the chance to wash some really cool, nice cars.

Let’s be honest… If someone showed me a quarter-million dollar Ferrari on a nice Summer day, I would probably pay THEM to wash it. 😉

14. Rent Out Storage Space

If you have a big house or a garage/shed you don’t use for anything, why not rent out the space?

Plenty of people use storage facilities to keep their excess stuff, you could always do the same thing with your space!

What’s best about this is that you don’t even need to do any work to make the money.

Just let whoever needs to store their stuff use your garage and the money falls right into your hands, it’s as easy as that. 

15. Clean Houses

This is a job that will never go out of style right here. You can even call yourself a maid if you’re into that kind of thing. 

Cleaning houses is something you can charge some big money for and, if you live around an area with some large houses, we’re talking hundreds of dollars per house. 

Of course, it’s tough work and some people can get really particular about how you clean their house. However, if you have some great cleaning skills, cleaning houses is something that you can always do for extra money.

16. Teach Computer Coding

Teach Coding for Fun and Profit [Image Credit: Lagos Techie]
Teach Coding for Fun and Profit [Image Credit: Lagos Techie]

I’m including this one because guess what the richest people in the world (Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg) did when they were younger? That’s right, taught code and perfected their craft by doing so. 

If you know any HTML or CSS, that is an incredibly valuable skill and parents will pay big money for you to teach their kids how to do it. 

Plus, much like the richest of the rich, you are perfecting your skill by teaching it to others and this will translate really well into the real working world.  

17. Sell Custom T-Shirts

Creating a custom T-shirt is much easier than you think, there are a ton of websites who will put your design on a shirt and sell you a bulk order for pretty cheap! Enough to wear you can make a solid profit selling the shirts for just $5-$10. 

If you have some graphic design experience or are just a good artist, you can probably design a really cool shirt that you can sell online or in person at school, work, the streets, etc.

Important Note: Don’t go putting any copyrighted material on your shirts. It’s all fun and games until a large corporation sees you making money off of their brand. That’s a really quick way to get shut down (and even sued!).

18. DJ Parties & Events

DJ Parties and Events for Money [Image Credit: Yomex Owo]
DJ Parties and Events for Money [Image Credit: Yomex Owo]

This is easily one of the more different ways of making money but, if you’re a musically inclined person and you have the money to get a decent setup, DJing is an awesome time and you can make some easy extra money doing it.

You can even start out on music sharing websites like SoundCloud and build a solid reputation posting your sets or songs and get hired at real venues for even hundreds of dollars for a night!

It’s tough work all things considered and you have to put a lot of time into preparing your sets, finding music, and getting the right gear. Once you’re established though, DJing is incredibly fun and making money doing it is one of the most satisfying experiences you can be a part of.

19. Clean Up Garages

Cleaning garages has become much more popular in recent times (I’m not sure why, maybe people just value cleanliness more nowadays, I wonder why?)

As opposed to cleaning houses, cleaning garages is usually just a one-time thing which is good, because you can charge more and only have to do it once per house. 

It has its advantages and disadvantages as opposed to cleaning up someone else’s house however, you could always offer a complete cleaning package with both the house and a garage for a discount! Now that’s a businessperson mindset right there. 

20. Take Down Christmas Trees

This side hustle is one of the most slept-on ways to make money of all time. It only works around Christmas time but, for people that have real Christmas trees, they’ll pay anyone to take them down. 

It may only be a temporary way to make some extra money over Christmas break, but doing this for just a few houses can easily net you $1,000. Happy holidays to you! 

21. Take Care Of Elderly People

Most teenagers usually move towards looking after kids or animals for extra work, however looking after elderly people is something that works for those people with that skill set as well.

This job can pay much more than babysitting as well and, while it can be a bit sad at times, it’s very gratifying to look after older folks. You really do feel like you’re making a difference in their lives and the extra money is really just an added bonus.  

22. Buy A Vending Machine

Okay now that you’re done laughing at this one let’s actually talk business. Vending machines are so worth the investment it’s not even funny. Anyone can buy them and you can get most for $2,000 or less. 

Maybe you can take some of the ideas above this one to build up that money, then all you have to do is find a place to put it. 

Schools are a great place to start, if you’re in high school, you can even ask your own school if you feel like they need it. After you find a place to put it, get some friends to help you move it in, stock it up with whatever candy you want and just watch the money roll in. 

You’ll make that 2 grand back in a month if you put some good candy in there and stock it up frequently. This is a super easy way to make money if you have the start-up cash.

23. Clean Boats

This is one of those jobs that you can only find if you’re around a lot of people with boats. Sure, plenty of midwest states have fishermen but you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t already do it themselves.

If you live in a beach town or coastal state, you’re in the clear and so long as you don’t care about getting your hands dirty, you can make big money doing this. 

The bigger the boat, the more you can charge, and you know people with big boats have big wallets. This is a summer job that, by the end of it, you can probably buy your own boat with all that you make. 

24. Sell Your Old Stuff

Yard sale! Even if you’re not into the traditional yard sale kind of selling, go onto Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or another website where you can sell your old things that you would otherwise never touch.

Plus, this is a great way to get some Spring cleaning done and go through all the boxes of your childhood knick knacks. You never know, you might just dust off those vintage video games you played as a kid and be able to sell it for more than your parents bought it for! 

25. Become A Freelancer

Doing freelance work is something that can start out as just a side hustle and quickly turn into a real, money making job. Whether you’re a writer, programmer, artist, or designer you can market your skills as a freelancer.

Nowadays, there are tons of websites where you can start doing freelance work with no experience at all. Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are just a few of the more popular sites where you can start up your freelancing career. 

What’s best about it, is that you work completely on your own schedule! If you don’t want to take on any jobs, just don’t. If you want to take on a ton, go right ahead and take on all the workload you can.

26. Start Streaming On Twitch

Another one of the hottest new jobs out there that seems like every young person wants to get on the ride. 

Twitch is arguably a better platform to make money on than YouTube as a content creator, and if you’re good at video games and have an entertaining personality, making a Twitch profile is totally free. 

Of course, much like other large streaming platforms, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of people doing the same thing you’re doing. Starting out will likely be rough if you don’t market yourself well. 

However, much like starting a YouTube channel, Twitch can become a full time career where you can make a ridiculous amount of money. I’m not saying you’ll become the next Ludwig, but you can certainly make enough to live comfortably.  

27. Sell Stock Photos

For all you photography buffs out there, this one is absolutely for you. Even professional photographers stand by selling stock photos as one of the most consistent and easy ways to make money in that field. 

Websites like Pexels and Shutterstock are just a couple of the places you can sell stock photos for, granted, not much but the more pictures you take the better. 

Plus, this is a great way to build your portfolio if you plan on following a career in photography. Stock photos can be pictures of literally anything and all they need to do is look good.  

28. Start A Blog/Website

Everyone always thinks of the streaming sites and content creator platforms when it comes to making money on the internet but starting a blog is just as viable and much less competitive.

If you have a lot of knowledge on a certain subject like sports, music, clothing, cars, etc. you can start a blog on a website like WordPress or Tumblr or, better yet, buy a cheap domain name and turn that website into your own personal blog! 

Again, this is a fantastic way to build your writing portfolio if you plan on going down that career path and, if your blog takes off, you’re just that much more marketable as a writer and even as an online personality.

29. Sell Clothing Online

No, I’m not talking about your old baby clothes that you don’t just want to donate to Goodwill. Selling clothes you designed or made can be an amazing way to make money and grow your personal brand. 

Websites like Etsy are perfect for selling vintage-style clothing and can help get your name out there in the fashion industry! It’s a tough industry but, if you have confidence in your talent, then go off and make that money, honey.

30. Take Online Surveys

There are so many of these you can take that you could honestly do this all day 5 days a week. Most of these survey sites will only give you a few cents for taking them but it is probably the easiest money you’ll ever make. 

Just answer some basic questions, collect your earnings, and move onto the next one. People who do this consistently swear by how easy this money is and, if you are just sitting on your computer doing nothing, may as well take 30 minutes to make a few dollars just by filling out surveys. 

31. Become A Lifeguard

This one is for all of you on the swim team out there, becoming a lifeguard may seem hard at first but it’s one of the very few jobs that pays you to get a tan. 

With a little swimming experience and some tough training to get you CPR certified and make sure you can actually save somebody if needed, you can become a lifeguard for every summer you want. 

Not to mention, if you are a lifeguard at a local pool or somewhere small, it’s highly doubtful you’ll ever have to save someone from drowning and you’ll mostly just be soaking up the sun on your workdays.

32. Teach A Foreign Language

Knowing a foreign language is such a valuable skill that it’s almost cheating being born into a family that knows both. 

Kids, teenagers, and adults of all kinds want to learn how to speak another language and, if you’re fluent in one, you can make crazy good money doing this. 

English, Spanish, and French are the more popular ones but there’s also been a big boom in people wanting to learn Asian languages like Chinese or Japanese. So, for all you bilingual folks out there, you’re missing out if you’re not teaching others your language.

33. Help Out Your Parents, Extended Family, or Neighbors

You want to know who is always looking to hire you? Mom and pop. Your parents are great people to ask if you’re looking to find work because they will almost certainly find something for you to do and pay you for it. 

Whether it’s cleaning the yard, watching your siblings, or even helping them with their actual jobs, there’s always something you can do for your parents for some spending money. 

34. Become A Coach

If you’re not into becoming a referee as mentioned earlier, you can always start coaching a peewee team for some good money. 

For those playing a sport or just know a lot about a certain sport, becoming a coach can be exciting, fun, and super fulfilling if your team grows to love the sport and wins a lot of games! 

Of course, you have to be good with kids and have that kind of coach’s mentality to where you need to be strict but make sure everyone’s having fun as well. It can be a tough job, but a very fun one as well and you’ll hardly even think of it as one if you love the sport.

35. Enter A Tournament

These days, you can find a competitive tournament for just about anything you can think of. Video games, air hockey, you could even enter a tournament to see who can throw a log the farthest I’m sure. 

If you are confident in your skills in a certain subject, there is probably a tournament for it nearby with all of a $5 entry fee. 

Of course, this is a risky way of making money unless you have some solid skills in your craft. I’m sure you think you’re the best Fortnite player in your friend group but once you head to a local tournament, the best players in your region will waste no time sending you home with nothing. 

However, there are plenty of great success stories of people going to tournaments and making a name for themselves. If you believe you can place well in your sport or game, you can start your own grand success story right at the local game shop.

36. Deliver Food

Surely you’ve heard of or used DoorDash or UberEats at some point and considered doing it if you have a car. By all means, put that car to good use and make some good money being a delivery driver. 

You could also go the traditional route and apply to a local pizza place and deliver for them for probably a better wage. 

It’s a lot of wear and tear on your car but the money you make will easily make up for it and you can save up for that nice new car you always wanted while beating up the 14 year old car your parents gave you.

37. Run A Social Media Page

Companies are always looking for people to post on their social media pages and keep them up to date. More times than not, they will look for someone young who they know has experience with the platforms. 

Also, you can take up the mantle yourself and start up your own social media page that sells, well, anything you want! You could even use it to promote other projects you’re working on like a YouTube channel, art projects, or music.

Social media has become one of the greatest marketing tools since marketing became a thing, so be sure to use it to its fullest extent to promote and make all the money you can.

38. Sell Gaming Profiles/In-Game Items

While the game devs might not like this, it’s not up to them what you do with your profile and achievements! I’ve heard of plenty of gamers that 100% a game only to sell their save file to someone who just can’t seem to get everything they want in-game. 

When it comes to in-game items, sometimes certain ones can only be achieved through arduous grinding or doing an incredible feat that not many casual gamers are capable of. 

Having a rare item in a game is like having $30 in your pocket if you go onto a gaming forum or message board and sell them there. 

Be on the lookout for scammers though, many people will say they’ll give you money for your item or save file and take it only to ghost you and leave you with nothing. 

39. Invest In Stocks, Bonds, and Cryptocurrency

This one is for the 18 years or older club, but I think we all know how well investing in stocks can go. You don’t have to be the Wolf of Wall Street to get in anymore, and starting your investment portfolio is as easy as downloading an app like Robinhood or Stockpile. 

Of course, you will need some start-up money to get going in the stock trading business and the more money you have, the better chance you have for success. 

Also, be sure to research your investments and be smart about what you’re putting your money into. Investing in stocks is one way to get crazy rich at a young age but it’s also a way to lose all your money if you’re not smart about it. 

40. Become A Camp Counselor

One of the most common summer jobs for high schoolers and college students is becoming a camp counselor. You can get a pretty good paycheck for this and it will also be some of the most fun you’ll have at a job. 

You have to take it seriously and care about the kids safety but playing basketball and card games all day sounds like a great way to make a few thousand dollars in one summer!

41. Host A Party

This one is also for the 18+ crowd and, if you plan on having drinks there, the 21+ crowd. However, hosting a party is one of the coolest and most fun ways to make some money for yourself.

All you have to do is charge $5 a person, which is way less than what they would pay going into a crowded dance club, and you’ll have a couple hundred dollars and a nice party to hang out at too!

In Conclusion

There are all sorts of ways you can make money even if you’re starting out young. Some of the most successful people started out when they were a teenager and built up not only their funds, but their personal brands.

Let’s not forget you don’t have to stick to just one of these, you can try out as many as you’d like and see which one works the best for you! You’re already one step ahead by thinking about how to get that money, now go out there and get it.

41+ Fun Easy Ways for How to Make Money at a Young Age [Image Credit: Kyle Glenn]
41+ Fun Easy Ways for How to Make Money at a Young Age [Image Credit: Kyle Glenn]

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